Monday, July 1, 2013

Daves 50/20 hike

Last summer -  yes I am that behind Dave went on a hike with the young men where they had to hike 50 miles in under 20 hrs.  He did it the year befor but his hips gave out around mile 27 so this year he was determined to finish and changed up his game plan a bit.  They started on a Friday night with a full moon and hiked through the night and finished up the next afternoon.  None of his scouts made the hike, but another guy from the ward wanted to try it so Dave had someone to walk with.  The poor guys got poured on a few times. Their boots were filled with water, they had to stop to dump the water out.  They were beat!! But, HE FINISHED it!!! We were so proud of him.  Very few finish it all the way. He could barely walk for a few days and all the pads on his feet were big huge bruises and blisters we had to keep draining just so he could put some weight on them. But, he did it and he can say he did it and he will never do it again.. if I have any say :) He wants to camp along the way this year and cheer the people on.  Anything that keeps him from doing it again.

At the end after he finished.

Completely pooped!!

Walking across the finish line to the pavilion.   We were so proud of him!

Fun, random pictures from 2012

As I was going through my pictures these are some of my favorites from 2012 that I didn't want to leave out..

Caden holding a frog he found

Some very cool glasses Aspen found.  Wow.

Briggs trying to fill his daddys boots.

Caden was way too worn out to finish his dinner and fell asleep.

Handsom Briggs in his goggles

Taking the dog, pony, and kids on a walk.

Caden learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels.

Playing dress up in the winter clothes. Briggs has a heat pad for a glove :)

We put our kids right to work splitting wood for the wood stove.

Briggs king of the climbing dome

I think Briggs might like motorcycles.

Caden used about 1/2 a bottle of gel to do his hair so handsome.

Just how many kids can you fit on the climbing dome?

 Cousins floating in grandmas pool

Riding in airplanes at Trafalga. 

Go Alexa!!

The kids get so excited when anybody pulls up to my parents house across the street! Here sticky poo (thats what they call my brother Cameron (stick).  They run to the fence like this for anybody who pulls up.

Aspen trying Grandpa baby.

Turning the snake loose she caught.

Kaylee and Arlee at the bike parade in our neighborhood.

Aspen getting ready to go.

Aspen taking Kaylee and Twix on a walk.

Aspen lost lots of teeth this year.

And another one.

Sisters AKA Best Friends!! I love it!

Having a sleep over with friends Arlee and Dewie

Then in the morning making up a play :)

Caden and Briggs playing with Sage

Oh yea, Caden

During family dinner at my moms all the kids came to our house to play on Cadens digger and in the mud.

Stick giving us rides with his new pony and cart.

Sound asleep.

Aspen lost another tooth

Caden is so nice to make his dad some yummy sandwiches.. jam, tomatoes, lettuce

Kaylee pulling the rest of the kids in the pony cart

The family shooting

Kaylee and Briggs warming up at the splash pad

Big ride at Trafalga

This is a typical Sunday... Aspen "helping" Dave with his homework... Shes just too cuddly adnd he cant stay awake. :)

Briggs is a crazy man on the skateboards.  He starts at the top of the hill and sits on them  and flies down the hill.  He steers them really good.

This is how Caden does it.

Go Briggs.. sorry its sideways

To be as flexable as a 2 yr old...

Kaylee was too tired to climb into bed I guess and fell asleep on her chair :)
I'm sure there are lots of other pictures I'm missing, but for the most part that finishes up a great 2012!!